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List of Topics


  1. Should the clone of humans be prohibited?
  2. Should subsidization of renewable sources of energy be encouraged by the central government?
  3. Should the government of the United States plow in the mission of space to Mars?
  4. Is free speech a constructive and reliable tool to protect comments on social media?
  5. Should the selection of an infant’s gender be permitted to parents?
  6. Should charity be given to children?
  7. Confidence is the path to triumph
  8. Is it good to restrain from change?
  9. Extroverts are the effective motivational writers
  10. Should the homes of foster parents be regularly scrutinized?
  11. Should bike riders always wear helmets?
  12. Horoscope creates problems in life
  13. Should internships always be paid?
  14. Is scribbling an effective future skill?
  15. Are girls more career-oriented than boys?
  16. Diamond is more attractive than gold
  17. Is liberalism the only best tool for survival?
  18. Is rural life more interesting than urban life?
  19. Should the media promote beauty standards?
  20. Should schools offer free meals?
  21. Should the advertisement of drugs be forbidden?
  22. Sleeping pills should not be taken by teenagers
  23. Is it essential to ban animal testing to serve ethics?
  24. Should every citizen in the United States be provided free internet service?
  25. Have video games become a real cause of violence among children?
  26. Is it ethical to allow the buildup of nuclear weapons?
  27. Should the restriction on freedom of speech be an appropriate measure by the government?
  28. Is dictatorship the most purest and effective type of ruling?
  29.  Is it fine for citizens who do not actively participate in voting?
  30. Should developed countries contribute to giving foreign aid to developing countries?

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More Opinion Essay Topics


  1. Should assenting action be brought to an end?
  2.  Should harsh behavior with animals be illicit?
  3. Is it essential to punish microaggressions by legislation?
  4. Is it important to abolish the death penalty?
  5. Should fractional-birth abortion be prohibited?
  6. Should all parentages be needed to be present at child care classes prior to having a baby?
  7. Is it important for parents to carry out the vaccination of their children?
  8. Should miscellaneous paramilitary arts be forbidden?
  9.   Is it essential for superstars to become optimistic role models for the inspiration of their followers?
  10. Is the system of progressive rates of tax depicts fairness?
  11. Should performance-boosting drugs be permitted in outdoor activities?
  12.   Should the usage of marijuana be deliberated criminality?
  13. Should college students mug up cursive writing in university?
  14. Which is more appropriate whether melody education or PE education?
  15. Is it substantial to offer seasonal vacations to institutions of higher education undergraduates?
  16. Should the structure of class grades be eradicated in colleges?
  17. Should gender tutoring become an obligatory course to be imparted in graduate school?
  18.  What is the utmost central way for gauging the brainpower level of a child?
  19. Should overseas linguistics be taught to learners in secondary classes?
  20.  What are the impacts of pathetic sanitation in underprivileged civilizations?
  21.  Is the low-slung eminence of water considerably worsening the healthcare segment?
  22. Is intake of a naturally modified diet harmless?
  23. Should drugs of birth control be reachable unless suggested by a general practitioner?
  24.   What are the reasons for the increase in anxiety in youths?
  25.   Should pregnant womenfolk be prohibited from purchasing drugs as well as alcohol?
  26.  What is the effective approach to reducing obesity among teenagers?
  27.  Are low-calorie foods more significant for weight reduction?
  28. Should the nutrients consultants more rigorously normalize the consumption of calcium supplements and vitamins in food?
  29.  Does homework consider a burden to relish free time with family and friends?
  30.  Why do Asian pupils attain good academic grades on numerical assessments as paralleled to American pupils?
  31.  Should institutions of higher education take a student’s religious conviction to attention at the time of making judgments of admittances?
  32.  Do usage of a precise mask and regular handwashing be crucial means to keep away the blowout of viruses?
  33.   What are the impacts of pathetic sanitation in underprivileged civilizations?
  34.  Is the low-slung eminence of water considerably worsening the healthcare segment?
  35. Is intake of a naturally modified diet harmless?
  36. Should miscellaneous paramilitary arts be forbidden?
  37. Is it essential for superstars to become optimistic role models for the inspiration of their followers?
  38. Is the system of progressive rates of tax depicts fairness?
  39. Should students learn about ethnicity?
  40. Is it important to create additional employment opportunities?
  41.   What are the reasons for social crimes?
  42.   Is tech innovation deteriorating society?
  43.  Is easiness brings laziness?
  44.  Are low-calorie foods suitable for diabetic patients?
  45. Is inflation important to control unemployment?

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